Tetra 1/18 4x4 X2 RTR Scale Mini Crawler, Yellow/White

Tetra 1/18 4x4 X2 RTR Scale Mini Crawler, Yellow/White

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The Tetra 1/18 Story    
    The 1/18 Tetra entered the RC scene in September of 2019. With a stealth-like entrance, there were no expectations from consumers except for what they saw – amazing value for an array of features seldom seen in RC, especially in a 1/18 platform. The initial visual impressions fostered huge intrigue and just a few days of transit time and a quick charge of the battery, consumers were ranting and raving about the performance and the overall fun factor. The continued success of the platform keeps building a strong customer base years into the release. 

The Tetra 4x4 boasts 4-wheel drive through a stout drivetrain system powered by an oversized 180 size motor.  A strong, waterproof mini servo navigates the  platform with ease. A water-resistant 2-in-1 ESC/receiver that powers 2 LED lights on the K series and 9 LED lights on the X series delivers smooth control of the oversized 60 turn brushed motor. Scale looking wheels wrapped in soft rubber compound all-terrain tires propel the 4x4 up the steepest of climbs and slickest of surfaces with ease. To handle those climbs and all the bumps along the way, the Tetra includes fluid-filled/alloy shock bodies combined with progressive adjustable coil springs. The platform is topped off with a 7.4V 700mah Li-ION battery providing over 30 minutes of run time per charge.

RTR Features

  • Scale Body Detail
    • Front molded bumpers
    • Oversized LED front light buckets.
    • Tinted window decals with black border
    • Two-tone paint
  • LED lights
         - 4 Step Lighting - On, Off, Slow Flash and Strobe
  • Overland style off-road "Wagon" wheels and 53mm "Sipe" Tires.
  • Aluminum oil-filled shocks with coil over springs.
  • Solid front and rear axle with lockers - provides the utmost traction for tackling the harshest of obstacles.
  • 3-speed user selected throttle mode through switch on remote control
    • Great for beginners or to help create a more realistic crawl mode for those tougher obstacles.
  • USB charger allows you to charge anywhere.
  • 45-minute charge time
  • No assembly required - Charge and Go!
  • Stealth like driving experience - engineered to be ultra-quiet as you explore the outdoors.

Approximate Assembly Time:
 No assembly required - true RTR
Battery (1 piece): 700mAh 2-cell Li-ion w/JST connector
Motor Size: 180 60T reverse rotation
Motor Type: Brushed
Charger: USB Charger
Drive System: Shaft Driven 4WD
Completion Level: Ready-To-Run
Radio: 2.4GHz
Size/Scale: 1/18
Suspension: Solid Axle 4-Link
Water-Resistant: Yes
Shock Type: 55mm (2.16 in) Oil filled, alloy body
Lights: LED (controllable from remote)
Track: 118mm (4.685 in)
Height: 136mm (5.35 in)
Length: 311mm (12.25 in)
Width: 118mm (4.65 in)
Wheelbase: 152mm (5.98 in) – Front to Middle Axle. 218mm (8.59 in) Front to Rear Axle
Rim Size: 25.4mm x 15.2mm (1.0 in x .6 in)
Tire Size: 53mm x 21mm (2.13 in x .83 in)
Wheel Hex Size:
Battery Tray: 101mm (4.0”)
Running weight:  621 grams
Approach Angle: 55 degrees
Departure Angle: 60 degrees
Breakover Angle: 44 degrees
Max Climb Angle: 50 degrees
Axle Articulation: 25 degrees
Weight: 470 grams
Pinion: 12T
Spur Gear: 58T
Drivetrain ratio: 35.5:1
Axle gearing: 2:1
Needed to Complete: Nothing