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Our Dealer Pledge     

     Hello, and welcome to Panda Hobby. As a new brand in the market, since 2019 to be exact, we made our roots as an OEM supplier of RC surface and air products for more than 15 years to vendors and customers around the globe. During this 15-year journey, there was an engrained desire throughout the company to create a brand of products that went a step above the consumers’ expectations. Those expectations are undeniably high as is our need to create a friendly, fun and surprising experience with products that help to enrich the lifestyle of the non RC Enthusiasts and RC Enthusiast alike. This is where the 1:18 Tetra was born and it’s the result of an optimistic future.

    We also wanted the experience of the brand to be easy for you, the dealer - your confidence in the product, the support we provide you and the guarantees we have in place to give both you and the enthusiast a peace of mind helps to bring all this optimism we have for the brand, together. In doing so, we will warranty/replace any defective or broken parts on any Panda Hobby purchase for 30 days. Your customer has an issue, you resolve it or send them directly to us with their proof of purchase and we replace it. We believe in our products and we want you to believe in them as well.

     Of course, we know that your business can not only survive but can only thrive on healthy/consistent margins. That’s why all Panda Hobby option parts and spare parts give you 50% margin. At the same time, our kits give you a minimum of 30% margin. We stand behind our pricing and our partners with a published MAP price and MAP Policy for all products.

   To become a Panda Hobby partner, please download the Dealer App HERE. Fill out the form and we’ll be in contact with you immediately with more details. If you have questions, we are available at

With Appreciation, 

Panda Hobby